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What Is Nine Star Ki

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The ancient Chinese practice of “Nine Star Ki” is deeply rooted in astronomy. This system centers around nine stars that are thought to govern our universe. These stars, known as Greedy Wolf, Giant Gate, Lu Cun, Wen Qu, Lian Zhen, Wu Qu Po Jun Left Assistant Right Helper are each associated with one of the nine palaces for special effects. Tian Shu is another name for them; as are Tian Xuan, Tian Ji and Tian Quan as well. Additionally they may be known by other terms like Yu Heng, Kai Yang, Yao Guang, Dong Ming or Yin Guang. Feng Shui uses nine stars that represent each element and differentiated by color to symbolize them; these stars have various names: White Star One, Black Star Two, Bi Star Three, Green Star Four, Yellow Star Five, White Star Six, Red Star Seven, White Star Eight, and Purple Star Nine.

According to the Gregorian calendar, each of the Nine Stars governs a period of twenty years; this aligns perfectly with San Yuan Jiu Yun – an Feng Shui chronological method which spans one hundred eighty years and coincides with their cycles.

The White Star One, associated with water and the Kan trigram, symbolizes the second son in any household and exerts significant influence over officials and scholars. When flourishing properly, this star may bring promotion and wealth; otherwise its decline could result in romantic issues for men, financial loss, health concerns, divorce or loneliness among women.

The Black Star Two, symbolizing an elder woman, rules females and is associated with illness. When strong, women can achieve domestic success and produce influential figures; when weakening occurs it could lead to betrayal, sickness in husbands and widows taking charge of households.

The Bi Star Three in the Zhen trigram represents legal troubles and regulates the eldest son. When strong, this star can bring prosperity for judges and lawyers; when weak, its decline can result in legal disputes, theft, criminal charges or physical ailments.

The Green Star Four symbolizes Wen Qu, or the star of culture and arts, and can have both positive and negative influences. When strong, this star can bring success in literature and art that leads to significant achievements; when weakened however, setbacks may occur in cultural endeavors that negatively impact family or career advancement.

The Yellow Star Five, connected to earth and overseen by its third daughter, is one of the more unfavorable stars. It can cause financial and domestic strife while its decline may bring accidents and health issues for women – particularly gynecological concerns.

The White Star Six represents male elders and is associated with wisdom and academia. When properly utilized, its presence can bring intellectual and academic success that enhances both career advancement and education; its decline may bring reduced intelligence or academic struggles.

The Red Star Seven in Li trigram’s seventh son and daughter-in-law is closely associated with travel and unfortunate events. When strong, this star can help expand travel opportunities while its decline can bring accidents or health concerns such as fires and traffic mishaps.

The White Star Eight (also known as the Left Assistant Star) is an auspicious sign associated with wealth. When its presence is strong, it indicates success in your career and finances; making this an opportune time to buy your new home. Conversely, its decline can cause financial losses, family disputes and health problems such as lower back issues which may even cause epidemics.

Purple Star Nine is the one of nine stars which govern love and relationships, providing romantic opportunities, successful marriages, and prosperity if conditions are favorable. If not favorable however, its decline can bring with it disaster for love relationships; reputational damage; family separation; health issues related to eyes or cardiovascular systems as well as financial loss may ensue.

Nine Star Ki has long been part of Chinese culture, playing an influential role in personal relationships as well as career decisions – highlighting its profound connection with celestial movements and human affairs.

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