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Face Reading | Analysis of Various Nose Shapes

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Nose shape is a crucial aspect of face reading and is typically the first feature to assess. If a nose does not fit any specific shape, then other parts of the nose are considered. Let’s explore various nose types:

  1. Hawk Nose: Characterized by a slightly bent bridge and a small, drooping tip. Ancient texts suggest that such a nose, resembling a hawk’s beak, can be problematic. However, people with hawk noses are fiercely loyal friends but ruthless to enemies, with clear distinctions between love and hate.
  2. Jewish Nose: This normal nose shape features a drooping bulb at the tip. Named for its prevalence among Jewish people, individuals with this nose are shrewd, excellent in business, and capable of generating significant profit.
  3. Drooping Tip Nose: This nose lies between the hawk nose and Jewish nose, with a straight bridge unlike the bent one of the hawk nose, and less drooping compared to the Jewish nose. People with this nose type are seen as greedy, often monopolizing opportunities without sharing.
  1. Greek Nose: Common among Greeks, featuring a straight bridge and a slightly pointed tip. People with Greek noses are perfectionists, which can cause issues in marriages for women with such noses as they have high standards for partners.
  2. Arched Nose: Similar to the hawk nose but with a normal tip. Individuals with an arched nose are proud and competent, often achieving success in their careers due to their strong self-esteem.
  3. Roman Nose: Characterized by a visible “bump” on the bridge, which can be either prominent or subtle. A subtle bump is generally preferable, as a pronounced bump is considered a sign of potential divorce.
  4. Lion Nose: Large and prominent, people with lion noses are confident, stubborn, and highly driven, making them successful in stable, focused careers. They find it hard to adapt to new environments.
  5. Snub Nose: With large but thin nostrils, resembling a lion’s nose, people with snub noses often struggle to save money and should learn to invest wisely rather than just saving.
  6. Button Nose: With a low bridge and upturned tip, individuals with a button nose often lack confidence and rely on others. It is advisable for them to marry someone older for a stable relationship.
  7. Stepmother Nose: Traditionally, a woman marrying a widower was referred to as a stepmother. Those with such a nose tend to marry divorcees or have relationships with significant age differences. Regular marriages for them often do not end well.
  8. Pig’s Bladder Nose: Featuring a narrow bridge, which restricts wealth flow from youth to middle age, necessitating a resurgence after the age of 40.
  9. Garlic Nose: Thin and suitable for late marriage, the garlic nose has thin nostrils spread wide apart, resembling garlic cloves. People with this nose type do better in subordinate roles rather than leading.
  1. Mistress Nose: This unremarkable nose is disproportionally small compared to the face, often making women feel insecure and potentially leading them into relationships with married men.
  2. Sawed Lotus Root Nose: With small nostril openings and thick wings, resembling a lotus root cut open. Individuals with this nose type are good at saving money, but in an investment-driven society, this trait doesn’t necessarily correlate with wealth.

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