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Face Reading | Signs of Overpowering Husband’s Luck

Face Reading | Signs of Overpowering Husband's Luck

Today, let’s talk about the concept of “Husband Dominating” facial features, which reflects societal expectations and standards for women’s inner character. This standard largely originates from older societal norms, as the term itself emerged in a male-dominant cultural context. In today’s society, which advocates for gender equality, many interpretations of such facial features derived from ancient physiognomy books are no longer applicable. In fact, some features previously thought to dominate husbands may actually be beneficial.

Below, we explore several facial features that are currently understood to potentially dominate husbands:

Fine hairs on the hairline, known as “Phoenix Feathers on the Forehead

indicate a woman likely to have an unhappy marriage and may marry multiple times. This can be mitigated by marrying late or choosing a partner significantly older or from a different cultural or geographical background.

face reading-Well-spaced hairline

Eyes with a horizontal growth at the Dragon Palace area (near the eye corners) or with moles or wrinkles nearby.

The Dragon Palace refers to the area around the eyelids. Ideally, it should be pointed and curve downwards. Horizontal growth indicates poor marital and love fortunes, especially at the ages of 35 and 36, potentially affecting property and real estate. Moles near the eye corners suggest a propensity for sexual affairs and triangular relationships, hence a need to control desires.

face reading-eye position

Dark, droopy, wrinkled, or mole-ridden eye tails

These features, especially if the eye tail color is dark or coffee-colored, indicate a high likelihood of marital disputes and divorce. The years 39 and 40 are particularly critical. It’s advisable to endure these years as divorces regretted often happen during this period. However, it’s emphasized that wrinkles, including those at the eye tails, are typically considered before age 30; after this, they’re attributed to natural aging.

face reading-eyes

A low nasal bridge with an upturned nose tip

known as a secondary wife’s nose, suggests a propensity for relationships with previously married individuals or indicates suitability for an unconventional match. In regular marriages, this feature often predicts poor outcomes.

The face that restrains one's husband's luck
Secondary Wife's Nose

A high nasal bridge with a bend indicates a woman prone to jealousy

potentially harming the marital relationship.

high nose

The philtrum (area between nose and upper lip) signifies fertility.

Couples with shallow or narrow philtrums may face challenges in conceiving or endure difficult childbirths, and generally indicate poor health.

The middle part of the human body under the nose

Mouth shape

where the upper lip represents the father and husband, and the lower lip represents oneself and the mother. If the lower lip covers the upper lip, commonly known as “land covering the sky,” it signifies a potential to dominate both the husband and father. This influence becomes particularly pronounced between the ages of 51 and 55.

Thick lower lip wrapped around the upper lip

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