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In Palm Reading, Is The Left Hand Or The Right Hand Analyzed?

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When it comes to palmistry, is it the left hand or the right hand that should be examined? Many people believe in the principle of “left for men, right for women,” which has been a traditional viewpoint for many years. However, in practice, this rule isn’t absolute. Some palmists still adhere to this belief, while others consider both hands for a comprehensive evaluation. Another common approach prioritizes the dominant hand for observation. Though this method is widely accepted, the dominant hand might not always reflect the palmistry characteristics first.

So, which hand should really be observed? It varies from person to person and depends on what aspect is being examined. The general rules are summarized as follows:

  1. Generally, men should primarily focus on the left hand and women on the right hand.
  2. Regardless of gender, the left hand represents innate characteristics, while the right hand shows acquired fortune. For left-handed individuals, this is reversed: the right hand shows innate characteristics and the left hand acquired fortune.
  3. Irrespective of gender and whether considering innate or acquired traits, between both hands, the one with more changes in the career line (also known as the fate line) should be the main focus of observation.
  4. For predetermined aspects such as marriage and children, the rule of “left for men, right for women” mentioned first should be applied. When examining aspects that are subject to change, such as thoughts, health, and emotions, the second rule regarding innate and acquired traits should be followed.
  5. In palmistry, innate refers to the period before turning thirty, while acquired refers to the period after thirty. Innate palm lines are harder to change, while acquired palm lines are more susceptible to change. Typically, it’s the left hand for before thirty and the right hand for after thirty, and the opposite for left-handed individuals.

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