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Face Reading | Analyzing Peach Blossom Eyes and Patterns


Sometimes, even if someone has well-proportioned facial features, they might still not seem appealing to us, whereas others with average looks might appear very pleasant. This often has to do with their “peach blossom luck” in physiognomy.

The most significant factors affecting peach blossom luck are “peach blossom eyes” and “peach blossom lines.” Below, Sanliu Fengshui introduces these concepts.

There are various types of peach blossom eyes:

True Peach Blossom Eyes, Wronged Peach Blossom Eyes, Triangular Relationship Peach Blossom Eyes, and Peach Blossom Calamity Eyes.

Face Reading | True Peach Blossom Eyes

True Peach Blossom Eyes have a slight protrusion at the beginning of the eye, indicating strong peach blossom luck. Chu Lingling, Miss Hong Kong 1977, is a prime example of true peach blossom eyes.

Face Reading | Wronged Peach Blossom Eyes

Wronged Peach Blossom Eyes, also known as baby eyes, resemble the large, round eyes of an infant, appearing adorable. Most people lose this characteristic as they grow up because the eyes do not grow as quickly as the rest of the body. However, some adults retain this infant-like feature, leading to the “wronged” designation because their innocent appearance often attracts romantic interest from the opposite sex, even when not intended.

Triangular Relationship Peach Blossom Eyes

Triangular Relationship Peach Blossom Eyes or half-closed eyes often look sleepy, with drooping eyelids, giving a sultry appearance. People with such eyes tend to be indecisive and drawn to those who are already in relationships, leading them into triangular love affairs.

Peach Blossom Calamity Eyes

Peach Blossom Calamity Eyes feature cloudy or slightly pinkish whites. Individuals with these eyes often struggle with chaotic love lives and are prone to serious romantic entanglements between the ages of thirty-five and forty, a period when most are already married, making such relationships especially tumultuous. Hence, it’s advised not to marry before thirty-five if you have peach blossom calamity eyes.

Peach blossom lines, often confused with fish tail lines (associated with divorce), significantly influence peach blossom luck. Fish tail lines appearing before thirty may indicate a potential divorce, suggesting marriage should be delayed until thirty-nine or forty to avoid this fate. Peach blossom lines, extending from the middle of the eye towards the back, indicate a strong attraction from others.

The peach blossom eyes and lines mentioned above are considered separately in physiognomy. When analyzing someone’s appearance, their eyes may exhibit a combination of different characteristics, necessitating a comprehensive analysis. The information provided here covers peach blossom eyes and lines, and those interested in enhancing their peach blossom luck can also explore Feng Shui arrangements for this purpose, as discussed in Feng Shui for Enhancing Peach Blossom Luck (External Link).

For more detailed information on the physiognomy of eyes, please refer to related knowledge below.

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