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Face Reading | The Meaning of the Philtrum

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Philtrum Physiognomy

face Reading - Philtrum

The image above indicates the precise location of the face reading. Today, we’ll talk about the physiognomy of the philtrum, located between the nose and mouth.

The philtrum governs the fortunes at the age of 51 and also reflects a person’s lifespan.

Some with a basic grasp of physiognomy might claim a long philtrum suggests a long life, and a short one, a short life. This, of course, is not correct.

Because the philtrum changes with different ages, generally, young girls have shorter philtrums, while men’s are relatively longer. Therefore, having a short philtrum should not be a concern, as there is room for change in the future.

If you observe carefully, you’ll see people over 80 often have long philtrums. As age goes up, the philtrum lengthens. So, if by middle or old age it’s still short, it’s time to focus on health. People with long philtrums are often more suspicious and less trusting. Conversely, those with short philtrums are more easily persuaded and enjoy receiving praise. So, if your girlfriend has a short philtrum, frequently whispering sweet nothings is definitely the right approach.

A deep, wide, and long philtrum is considered favorable. Although length may change with age, depth and width will not.

The shape of the philtrum is also significant. It can reveal whether the first child will be a boy or a girl. If the philtrum narrows at the top and widens at the bottom, a “sword-shaped philtrum,” the first child may be a boy. A round philtrum suggests the first child may be a girl. If both spouses have indistinct philtrums, then infertility or difficult childbirths are likely.

Additionally, a philtrum that is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom suggests a life that goes from poverty to wealth, while the opposite shape suggests the reverse. A very narrow philtrum indicates difficulty in having children, and such individuals may lead a destitute old age. There is a saying in physiognomy books, “A philtrum like a thread leads to a childless and meager existence.”

Face Reading | Four Special Philtrum Physiognomies:

  1. A philtrum crooked to the left suggests the first child will be a son and the father may have a short lifespan. If it leans right, the first child will be a daughter, indicating the mother may have a short lifespan.
  2. A mole on the philtrum signifies a weak bond with children. A remedy is to live separately from the children before the age of 51, as the philtrum governs fortunes at this age, and after 51, the issue resolves. For women, a mole on the philtrum also indicates the potential for uterine gynecological diseases.
  3. An upward curling philtrum suggests difficulties with children, either having none or strained relationships. While not severe, if the nose tip has drooping flesh, sandwiching the philtrum, the situation is more serious. The phrase “fifty-one-year shock” refers to this physiognomy, predicting misfortune for oneself, a child, or a parent at the age of 51.
  4. “Lei Gong mouth,” the opposite of an upward curling philtrum, features a protruding philtrum and a bulging upper lip. People with this feature have a heroic spirit and love to talk, but the downside is a lack of affinity with their children. In the 1983 adaptation of Journey to the West, Sun Wukong’s appearance is often called “furry face, Lei Gong mouth” by demons.

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