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Using The Five Elements To Pick A House

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Feng shui stresses the balance and harmony of its “five elements”: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. While these elements form part of nature itself, they also influence human characteristics based on which elements were present at birth. By understanding the linkages between someone’s elemental composition and ideal living environments, one can select an address which supports wellbeing and prosperity for themselves and their loved ones.

Spring-born people tend to resonate with the Wood element, which represents growth and vitality. Their ideal environments include those rich in Fire, Metal and Water elements – this makes southern or southwestern locations suitable. Their houses should ideally face either north to south or northeast to southwest so as to align with their elemental nature.

Conversely, individuals born during summer tend to resonate more with Fire’s abundance of sunlight and energy – they thrive best living somewhere like Northwest or North in terms of residence as they benefit from Metal Water elements as well as living closer proximity between Metal/Water elements in those locations as their ideal house orientation would be southeast to northwest or south to north.

Autumn births bring with them the Metal element, representing harvest and fruition, while being enhanced by Fire elements – these benefits tend to favor southern residence with best house orientation being northwest-southwest or north-south respectively. Winter babies typically benefit from Water elements in combination with Wood and Fire elements which encourage living spaces either southeastern or southern with optimal house orientations being northwest-southwest or north-south respectively.

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