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The effect of placing plants in a room on feng shui

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How Feng Shui Plants Enhance Home Decor

Home furnishings show our improved living standards. More families now choose to decorate their spaces with plants. They do this both for decoration and to better the feng shui of their space. But plants go beyond mere decoration: they also act to improve its feng shui.

Balancing Energy Fields with Plants

Feng shui utilizes plants as an effective way of balancing energy fields, helping balance the flow of qi (energy). Placing some near a computer can reduce radiation and static electricity, while other green plants absorb toxins and emit oxygen. Placing plants in Bagua positions can enhance feng shui effects. Positioning them in corners and edges won’t block furniture. This can boost vitality in those areas.

Household Greenery and Home Grown Flowers and Vegetation

Plants provide well-documented home feng shui benefits. This includes flowers and greenery to colorful cacti and succulents in vibrant pots, like those shown here. Flowers and greenery in particular have long been seen as positive additions for homeowners. Cacti or succulents in vibrant pots are especially beneficial. They beautify rooms and may alleviate computer use symptoms. They absorb radiation, offer health benefits, and can bring career luck!

Ginkgo trees are considered auspicious in the workplace, particularly their golden leaves in autumn. Ginkgo holds special spiritual meaning in feng shui as “living fossil” plants, representing a connection between heavens and earth. Temples and monasteries planted them as signs of tapping spiritual energy. Although ginkgo trees might not be suitable for every home environment, collecting some leaves with your personal birth details written on them using cinnabar (a popular feng shui substance) and inscribing them can channel universal qi to improve personal energy and bring good fortune!

Benefits of Planting Balcony Gardens

Plantings on balconies have become an integral part of household routine, thanks to ample sunlight and air availability on balconies – an environment ideal for plant growth that promotes prosperity while neutralizing negative energy.

If the natural landscape around a balcony is favorable, taking advantage of it to enhance the possibility for prosperity is key. Plants like Dracaena, Evergreens, and Rubber plants that boast dense foliage such as Dracaena can be useful. Their thick leaves help gather vital energy.

If the environment surrounding a balcony is less-than-ideal, with various forms of negative energy present, then plantings that can counter these influences are recommended. Plants like spiky cacti and succulents with their ability to “fight poison with poison” such as spikey cacti can ward off these sharp negative energies effectively; roses could also serve as effective countermeasures.

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