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Communicate with native Chinese Taoist masters to interpret your life’s fortunes using the 5,000-year-old wisdom of Chinese culture. Our services include:

1. Bazi (Eight Characters) analysis (requires your birth date, the more precise, including the exact minute and second, the better):
2. Wealth fortune
3. Love and relationships
4. Career and business

This may take up to 3 days, and we will respond via email. Please ensure your email can receive our responses.

Additionally, we offer a more in-depth destiny reading. We will provide an interpretation of your fortune at different stages of your life, from the past to the future, for your reference. However, the reading will not be very detailed regarding specific events and people, as revealing too much of the heavenly secrets requires Taoist practitioners to pay with their lifespan. You may purchase this service separately.

If you are currently troubled by various issues, you can use Feng Shui remedies to alleviate your current situation. For more details, please check the Feng Shui section of our services.”

Do you want to know the direction of your destiny in this life? For instance, in which city will your wealth accumulate? Where is the person who can help change your fate? What will your love life look like? What challenges will you face at each stage of your life?

Chat with native Chinese Taoist masters and, within three days, gain a clear understanding of your life’s fortunes through various aspects of Chinese wisdom. What are you waiting for?



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