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Green Jade Bracelet with Pixiu – Invite Wealth & Calming Energies


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Green Jade Pixiu Bracelet for Wealth and Positivity

Create a welcoming environment for wealth with our Green Jade Pixiu Bracelet, designed to attract and retain prosperous energies.

Attract Wealth with Positive Energy

Wealth thrives in a positive environment, and the Green Jade Pixiu Bracelet is crafted to create just that. Combining the calming properties of jade and the auspicious Pixiu, this Feng Shui charm is your key to manifesting financial prosperity.

Key Features

Green Jade Stone: Known for its soothing and calming energies, green jade helps create a peaceful space ideal for attracting wealth.

Lucky Pixiu Symbol: In Feng Shui, Pixiu is revered for its ability to draw and secure wealth.

Jade and Pixiu Combination: Together, they create a positive environment to invite and retain money.

The Power of Green Jade and Pixiu

Both green jade and Pixiu are powerful symbols of wealth in Feng Shui.

Green Jade: Used for thousands of years in Chinese culture, jade is renowned for its calming energies. It’s believed that wealth is drawn to peaceful spaces, making green jade an ideal stone for creating a welcoming environment for wealth.

Pixiu: Known as a “fortune beast,” Pixiu is believed to devour the world’s riches and trap them within its belly, ensuring that wealth never leaves. This makes Pixiu a potent symbol for attracting and protecting wealth.

The combination of green jade and Pixiu in this bracelet creates a harmonious environment for wealth accumulation, making it a perfect accessory for anyone seeking financial abundance.

More About Green Jade

Green jade holds a special place in Chinese culture, associated with numerous positive qualities.

Protection: Historically, jade bracelets were given to daughters to protect them from evil forces.

Healing Properties: In crystal healing, jade is used to support kidney, bladder, liver functions, and reproductive health, including fertility and childbirth.

Heart Chakra Alignment: As a stone of the heart chakra, green jade promotes self-love and acceptance, enhancing relationships with those around you.

How to Wear Your Green Jade Pixiu Bracelet

Aligning Intentions: Use positive affirmations like “Money is drawn to me” to synchronize with the bracelet’s energy and enhance its wealth-attracting powers.

Why Choose Our Green Jade Pixiu Bracelet?

Incorporating ancient Feng Shui principles, our Green Jade Pixiu Bracelet is designed to attract wealth and create a peaceful, positive environment. As interest in holistic practices and mindfulness grows, this bracelet is a perfect accessory for those seeking to align their energy and intentions with prosperity.

Order your authentic Green Jade Pixiu Bracelet today and welcome wealth into your life!

Jade Pixiu Bracelet Details

  • Item Type: Pixiu Jade Bracelet
  • Material: Natural Green Jade
  • Color: Dark Green
  • Amulet: Pixiu/Piyao
  • Bead Size: 0.39” (10mm)
  • Bracelet Length: 14-16cm
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Related Terms: jade bracelet, pixiu bracelet, wealth bracelet, calming bracelet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Wrong size

I love the amethyst and sister loves the rose quartz, however disappointed the Jade bracelet came in 8mm (advertised on the website as 10mm).

Gema Reyes
Love the color

I am so happy with my jade bracelet

Barbara Lach
jade dragon bracelet

the jade is nice but i have a size 8 wrist. theres no size option.

Stephen Perillo
thnk you

yo estaba un poco preocupada al inicio porque pensaba que era dropshipping, pero tienen toda su identidad y su marca! muchas gracias por todo

Geri Hilton
Jade pixiu

I like my bracelet, love the coloring and the little Pixiu

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