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Chinese Zodiac | Analysis of People Born in the Year of the Rabbit

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People born under the Chinese zodiac sign of Rabbit are often appreciated by other signs. Rabbits are known to be gentle, quiet, and polite. They are also graceful, quick-witted, and patient compared to others. Their kindness and simplicity make them responsible and highly valued.

Rabbits tend to be reliable workers with great attention to detail and great dedication to their jobs. In their professional lives, Rabbits exhibit high levels of responsibility and dedication when it comes to the work that they perform.

Attitude Towards Family

Rabbit parents tend to treat their children with kindness and discipline in equal measures, neither overindulging in either or showing favoritism; rather they support and wish for only success for their kids’ future success, without expecting anything in return.

Rabbits possess an indefatigable sense of appreciation for the nurturing they’ve received from their parents, always trying to repay their kindness in any way they can – big or small. Coming home always brings happiness and dispels any unpleasantness they’ve been exposed to during the day.

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Rabbits tend to be open and honest in their social interactions with friends, showing reciprocity and sincerity in return. New acquaintances, however, should be approached cautiously until time shows whether the individual deserves friendship. Rabbits value relationships formed during youth – particularly schoolmates – which provide pure camaraderie.

Male Rabbits are distinguished and graceful creatures, always greeting others with a gentle smile and polite manners to exude sincerity and reliability. Yet beneath their seemingly soft exterior lies an inner strength which helps them tackle problems methodically while refusing to quit in times of trouble; their perseverance often brings great success!

Female rabbits are elegant and gentle creatures with pure hearts who always see the best in others. Their skilled hands can perform artistic and culinary feats while their refined demeanor renders any base and degrading acts shameful; like spring breezes and bright moonlight, these rabbits radiate elegance and kindness.


Rabbits are deeply loyal in love. While they may not readily fall for someone, once they recognize true love they dedicate themselves fully.

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