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Face Reading | How to Read Tongue Physiognomy

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In physiognomy-face reading, the tongue is considered the sprout of the five viscera, deeply connected to the lungs and the chest. Let’s take a look at how to interpret tongue physiognomy.

Face Reading | Long and Broad Tongue

Tongue Physiognomy

People with large, square, and long tongues are intelligent and upright, valuing trust and righteousness. However, while a long tongue is favorable, a narrow one is not. Those with excessively narrow and long tongues tend to speak insincerely, with more falsehoods than truths.

Face Reading | Broad but Thin Tongue

Large, Square, Long Tongue

A large but thin tongue indicates talent coupled with a propensity for cunning arguments. A small and pointed tongue belongs to those who are greedy and stingy, prone to causing disputes; a large yet short tongue suggests a dull and lazy personality, with little ambition in life.

Big Tongue, Small Mouth

Varieties of Tongue Shapes

A large tongue with a small mouth signifies poor expression skills; a small tongue with a large mouth, although quick to speak, often misspeaks; a small and long tongue indicates achievable ideals; a small and short tongue suggests difficulty in accumulating wealth. A tongue with a “river” pattern signifies the attainment of comfort and wealth.

Tongue Red as Cinnabar

Tongue and Mouth Size Comparison

A tongue red as cinnabar indicates wealth and nobility; a black tongue often belongs to those prone to falsehoods, poverty, or illness; black spots on the tongue warn of legal troubles or oral diseases; a tongue without patterns suggests an ordinary person; a tongue with many patterns indicates a life of hard work.

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