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Relationship Between Marriage And Feng Shui

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No one wants their marriage to disintegrate, but have you considered how Feng Shui might contribute? For instance, if your home’s main entrance faces southwest – Kun direction – it could impact the matriarch and cause her poor health, irritability, marital strife and divorce. Meanwhile, northwest can affect firstborn sons directly which may create health or career issues which strain relationships further.

Stabilizing a marriage involves more than emotional bonding between partners – it also requires understanding and applying Feng Shui principles to attract positive energy while keeping away from negativity, leading to a happy family life.

Decorations That Affect Marital Harmony

Items found in a bedroom can have an enormous impact on marital harmony. Ex-partner possessions or any personal items of interest to anyone other than the couple can easily disrupt harmony, while electronics like computers, TVs and rice cookers should be avoided due to their strong fire energy and electromagnetic fields that can trigger temper and quarreling between spouses. Furthermore, decorations featuring aggressive animals like tigers or lions descending a mountain may lead to discord among spouses.

Adjustments After a Relationship Break-up

Divorce or separation can be emotionally draining experiences, and although failure should never be feared, not knowing how to cope can be. Feng Shui adjustments can provide valuable support during these challenging times and help both partners move on swiftly from pain.

If the effects of a failed relationship have had a lasting impact, consider moving to a different environment so as to put the past behind and embrace a fresh start. Feng Shui advises against excessive contact between former lovers as conflicts from their past have already caused harm; to maintain optimal self-regulation it’s best to limit interaction. Removing items associated with former lovers from your home in order to avoid stirring up memories or psychological discomfort while decluttering to create a fresh living space suitable for starting over with new people.

Integrating Feng Shui for Love into your life and home can not only aid in healing from past relationships but also strengthen existing marriages. Understanding and applying these Feng Shui principles will create an atmosphere conducive to lasting love relationships that thrives.

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