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What IS Rob And Friend ?

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The Element of Self but differing in Yin and Yang is called Rob Wealth, abbreviated as “Rob,” and is considered a principal star.

Specifically for Day Masters: For Yang Day Masters: Jia sees Yi, Bing sees Ding, Wu sees Ji, Geng sees Xin, Ren sees Gui. For Yin Day Masters: Yi sees Jia, Ding sees Bing, Ji sees Wu, Xin sees Geng, Gui sees Ren.

Rob Wealth opposes Wealth in the five elements’ cycle of control, exemplified by Jia as the Day Master, Ji as the Wealth Star, and Yi as the Rob Wealth Star, with Yi controlling Ji, hence the term Rob Wealth.

Although the term “Rob Wealth” may seem ominous, its implications are not universally negative. For those with a strong self-element (Shenwang), Wealth is considered favorable, and encountering Rob Wealth suggests a loss of wealth, which is inauspicious. However, for those with a weak self-element, Rob Wealth may actually be beneficial, indicating a more favorable outcome.

For the five Yang stems encountering Rob Wealth, it’s collectively known as Yang Blade, famously referred to as Yang Ren: Jia sees Yi in Mao, Bing sees Ding in Wu, Wu sees Ji in Wei and Chou, Geng sees Xin in You, Ren sees Gui in Zi.

In a man’s chart, Rob Wealth signifies sisters, while in a woman’s chart, it represents brothers. Rob Wealth also indicates business partners or friends.

The Element of Self with the same Yin and Yang is called Friend, abbreviated as “Friend,” and belongs to the variable stars.

For Day Masters: Yang Day Masters see their own element (Jia sees Jia, Bing sees Bing, Wu sees Wu, Geng sees Geng, Ren sees Ren); Yin Day Masters also see their own element (Yi sees Yi, Ding sees Ding, Ji sees Ji, Xin sees Xin, Gui sees Gui).

Friends have the same element and Yin or Yang, aiding and enhancing oneself. In weak Day Master charts, Rob Wealth and Friends indicate wealth, suggesting fortune. Conversely, in strong Day Master charts, they imply poverty due to the division of wealth, known as “Friends divide wealth.”

In the Earthly Branches, Friends are also referred to as Lu Yuan (Prosperity Source):

Jia’s Lu is in Yin, Yi’s Lu is in Mao, Bing’s and Wu’s Lu is in Si, Ding’s Lu is in Wu, Geng’s Lu is in Shen, Xin’s Lu is in You, Ren’s Lu is in Hai, Gui’s Lu is in Zi.

Strong Day Master charts with abundant Friends and Rob Wealth often indicate a decisive and somewhat domineering personality.

In men’s charts, Friends are considered brothers, and in women’s charts, they are seen as sisters. Friends can also represent business partners or friends.

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