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The Role and Layout of Screens in Feng Shui

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    3 月
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Screens are becoming increasingly common in daily home decor, and today we’ll discuss their role in Feng Shui and how to choose them correctly.

The Role of Screens in Feng Shui

a. Protecting the household: In cases where the entrance opens to a large space, causing air to flow straight through, it’s detrimental to the inhabitants. A screen helps to redirect the flow, preserving energy within the home. However, it’s not the only solution for direct hits like road clashes or tree impacts, which also fall under Form Sha. Although screens are suitable for homes, they might not be ideal for businesses as they could potentially block wealth, especially when dealing with road clashes that bring in traffic. Flexibility is key in handling such situations. Related reading: Types of Form Sha and Solutions

b. Adjusting the energy field: Screens can divide a fixed energy field into multiple smaller ones, ensuring family members always reside in a positive energy zone. This requires profound Feng Shui knowledge. Related reading: Detailed Tutorial on Xuan Kong Feng Shui Nine Palaces Flying Stars

c. Protecting privacy and increasing a sense of security by separating the entrance from the interior.

Choosing a Screen

a. There are many styles of screens, and while luxury isn’t necessary, it’s important that the screen matches the Feng Shui aspects. For example, if the area hosts an auspicious star like the Nine Purple Star, consider using materials and styles that align with it, such as wood, red colors, or prosperous floral patterns. The choice depends on how it complements the overall home decor. If your home’s color scheme is blue, a red screen might clash, so material and style adjustments are essential to avoid color conflicts.

b. The size and dimensions of the screen must be appropriate. Too large can obstruct airflow instead of modulating it, which is counterproductive. Screens are not recommended for small homes or entrance areas.

c. Avoid placing screens under beams as it can create pressure and block airflow. If there’s a beam over the doorway, consider using a curio shelf instead. It can carry the beam’s weight with plants or artifacts, maintain air circulation, and allow for flexible arrangement according to Feng Shui changes. Since Feng Shui cycles change, items on the shelf can be easily swapped for adaptability.

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