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What are Direct Seal and Indirect Seal?

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The Seal, briefly known as the Seal, generates the Day Master and differs in Yin and Yang, known as the Direct Seal.

For instance, for a Yang Day Master like Jia encountering Gui in Gui, Gui is the Direct Seal for Jia. Similarly, for Yang Day Masters, Jia encounters Gui, Bing encounters Ji, Wu encounters Ding, Geng encounters Ji, and Ren encounters Xin. For Yin Day Masters, Yi encounters Ren, Ding encounters Jia, Ji encounters Bing, Xin encounters Wu, and Gui encounters Geng.

The Seal, symbolizing authority, reflects the power inherent in positions of leadership, such as officials, supervisors, or bosses, indicated by the possession of a seal ribbon.

In charts where the Day Master is weak, the Seal Star is considered favorable. Encountering the Seal in annual cycles suggests encountering nobility, especially beneficial. However, for charts with a strong Day Master or those following a specific pattern, the Seal Star is not favorable and may instead lead to troubles and health issues.

In the Six Relations, the Direct Seal represents the mother. A chart lacking a Direct Seal often indicates a weak bond with the mother, particularly accurate if the chart deems the Seal unfavorable.

The Rob Wealth, differing in gender but sharing the same element with the Day Master, is known as the Indirect Seal or the Partial Seal, also termed as the Harsh God. For Yang Day Masters: Jia sees Ren, Bing sees Jia, Wu sees Bing, Geng sees Wu, and Ren sees Geng. For Yin Day Masters: Yi sees Gui, Ding sees Yi, Ji sees Ding, Xin sees Ji, and Gui sees Xin.

The Harsh God, like a predatory bird, is known for its aggressive nature, hence its association with overpowering the Eating God, leading to the phrase “Harsh God snatches the Eating God.” This might sound inauspicious, but if the chart deems the Eating God unfavorable, its suppression could be beneficial.

Both the Direct and Indirect Seals generate the Day Master, yet the Indirect Seal’s ability to do so is not as potent as the Direct Seal. However, in suppressing the Eating God, the Indirect Seal exhibits greater strength.

Moreover, in the absence of a Direct Seal in the chart, the Indirect Seal can represent the mother.

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