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Face Reading | Seven Types of Teeth Physiognomy

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    3 月
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Teeth also hold significant importance in face reading, referred to as the “Inner Hall of Light.”

Neat and Shiny Teeth:

Teeth Physiognomy

People with teeth that are as flat and white as seashells, often described as having teeth as white as jade, tend to be talented with a positive and cheerful personality. On the other hand, those with dull, yellow, or blackened teeth usually have poor health, weaker fortunes, and a tendency to be passive, struggling to follow through on actions.

Small Teeth:

Neat and Shiny Teeth

Individuals with small teeth are cautious, introverted, curious, and somewhat prone to overthinking. They are meticulous and well-planned in their actions. With a strong self-protective instinct, they are suited to roles in strategic planning, research, and advisory capacities.

Irregular Teeth:

Small Teeth

Those with unevenly aligned teeth tend to be impatient, emotionally unstable, prone to exaggeration, wilful, and sensitive, making it difficult for them to communicate and get along with others. Orthodontic treatment is recommended to prevent financial difficulties and estrangement from relatives in later years.

Large Front Teeth:

Irregular Teeth

People with large front teeth possess abundant energy and robust health. However, they can also be headstrong, shrewd, and straightforward, acting vigorously without much regard for consequences. If the front teeth are not only large but also protrude, it often indicates poor eloquence and digestive system issues.

Prominent Canine Teeth:

Large Front Teeth

Those with noticeable canine teeth are more extroverted, agile, eager to learn new things, and fond of fantasizing. Their actions can be somewhat unrealistic, and their speech direct, often speaking without much thought, which, despite a wide circle of acquaintances, makes them susceptible to manipulation and deceit.

Sharp Teeth:

Prominent Canine Teeth

Individuals with sharp teeth are often irritable, calculating, and experience fluctuating fortunes throughout their life. They lack a concept of saving, facing financial struggles in their middle to later years. Partnerships may end in disputes over financial matters.

Gapped Front Teeth:

Sharp Teeth

People with gaps in their front teeth tend to have weaker familial bonds and less warm social interactions. They often misspeak and have a limited capacity to save money. There is a risk of financial ruin due to speculative failures later in life, leading to robbing Peter to pay Paul.

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