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Face Reading | Analysis for Four Types of Shoulder Shapes

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Shoulder shape plays a crucial role in face reading, revealing insights into an individual’s personality, capacity for responsibility, and potential life outcomes.

Broad and Smooth Shoulders:


People with broad, smooth, and balanced shoulders are typically dependable and responsible, possessing the strength to handle significant responsibilities. Such individuals often find success and accumulate wealth in their middle years.

Face Reading | Narrow and Sharp Shoulders:


Individuals with narrow shoulders, known in face reading as “cold shoulders,” tend to have weaker physical constitutions and lack courage and determination. This makes it difficult for them to take on heavy responsibilities, and they may experience instability in their careers and living situations during middle age. However, they are likely to achieve recognition if they pursue academic or clerical professions.

Face Reading | High Shoulders:


Known as “eagle shoulders” in physiognomy, high shoulders can indicate a swift rise in life but often at the cost of lasting wealth and peace. People with this shoulder type work hard and are brave in facing challenges, yet they may lead a life filled with labor and troubles, with a need to strengthen their social relationships.

Uneven Shoulders:


According to face reading, men with a higher left shoulder and lower right shoulder are often self-made, accumulating wealth through their efforts. Conversely, those with a higher right shoulder and lower left tend to struggle in achieving their goals, often living a life of hardship and may depend financially on their spouses.

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