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Face Reading | Si Kong, Zhong Zheng, and Guan Lu Palace

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Face reading

The image above, essential in the study of face reading, marks the locations of Sikong and Zhongzheng, and today we’ll delve into these facial features. Situated in the Official Salary Palace of the twelve palatial divisions, they govern the fortunes at the ages of 22 and 25, providing insights into career and wealth through face reading.

To assess the ease of promotion within large organizations or the bureaucratic field, one must examine the Official Salary Palace.

A full, prominent Official Salary Palace suggests fitting into big organizations or government roles. It promises fast advancement. On the other hand, a concave area hints at unsuitability for employee roles. Entrepreneurship or martial careers would suit better. Martial roles include military and police jobs. These differ from civilian roles in their distinction path. They mainly affect civilian careers. A less favorable Official Salary Palace doesn’t bar employee careers. Yet, promotions may not come before age 30 due to its influence.Post-30 fortunes depend on other facial features.

Face Reading - The girl staring at the camera.

A concave Official Salary Palace also suggests emotional changes around the age of 25, including marriage, divorce, the beginning or end of relationships, and childbirth, typically indicating negative emotional shifts.

Many street fortune-tellers claim that hair covering the Official Salary Palace suppresses luck, which is not accurate. Your fortune isn’t dictated by your hairstyle; if you’re destined for success, any hairstyle will do; if not, no hairstyle can change that.

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