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Face Reading | What High Cheekbones and Jawbones Signify

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The height of the cheekbones is determined by drawing a horizontal line through the middle of the nose bridge; cheekbones above this line are considered high, and those below are considered low.

There’s a saying, “A woman with high cheekbones, no knife is needed to harm her husband.” This implies that high cheekbones in women signify a tendency to dominate their husbands, which is a misconception. In ancient times, society was male-dominated, and women with high cheekbones, who had strong personalities and independent thoughts, were misinterpreted as harmful to their husbands. In contrast, women with lower cheekbones, typically gentler and more submissive, were deemed ideal.

Therefore, it is essential to modernize face reading interpretations. High cheekbones in a woman could actually be supportive in her husband’s career rather than detrimental.

Helping one’s husband does not equate to guaranteeing his success, which involves active support; success might still depend on the husband’s efforts. Prosperity for the husband, sometimes attributed to high cheekbones that are well-covered and not protruding, suggests an ideal marital partner. See below:

Furthermore, cheekbones can grow in two directions: forward, which is more common in men and signifies an offensive nature, and sideways, typical in women, indicating a defensive character. High defensive cheekbones excel in overcoming adversities, while offensive cheekbones thrive in favorable conditions.


Jawbones indicate one’s ability to overcome adversity and endure hardships. A prominent jawbone in women, often seen as a negative trait in ancient face reading, actually indicates a hardworking and enduring nature, contrary to the antiquated belief that it represents dominance over the husband.

Women can have noticeable jawbones, but ideally, they should not be protruding and should be covered by flesh for a balanced appearance. Men should have discernible jawbones, but overly prominent ones can suggest secretive and destructive tendencies. The standard for overly prominent jawbones is an uneven profile with a clear bulge from the side, often referred to as “ears behind the jaws,” which can denote a potentially disruptive personality.

Prominent jawbones also contribute positively to the lower facial features and are beneficial in one’s later years. Observing elderly beggars, one can notice that they often lack earlobes, have a pointed chin, and inconspicuous jawbones, commonly true beggars. In contrast, a wide chin, visible earlobes, or prominent jawbones generally indicate a more favorable old age.

Of course, the primary facial feature to consider for old age is the chin. For more reading, click here: Chin Face Reading Analysis

If both your cheekbones and jawbones are high, you likely have a “king” face shape within the cross facial types. If only the jawbones are high, it corresponds to the “wind” face type within the cross facial types.

For more detailed analysis of cheekbone and jawbone face reading, please visit: Jawbone Face Reading Analysis | Cheekbone Face Reading Analysis

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