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Face Reading | Analysis of Sixteen Types of Ear

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Face Reading | Ears can reveal a lot about a person’s character and potential. This guide explores different ear types, integrated with facial features for a more precise understanding of personality traits.

Small Ears:

People with small ears tend to be cautious and sensitive, lacking confidence. They may face fewer opportunities from mentors early on but become more adept as they mature. However, very small ears can indicate susceptibility to being overly influenced by others, showing lack of assertiveness and some peculiarities.

Large Ears:

Ear Type

Those with large ears are considered to have flexible minds and good memory. They are generally kind-hearted, not prone to conflict, and enjoy flattery. They often have many benefactors throughout their life and are caring towards the vulnerable.

Protruding Inner Ears:

Ear Type

Known as ‘wheel-flying profile’ in physiognomy, individuals with this ear type face challenges in youth, are stubborn, and have fluctuating emotions. They are resilient, action-oriented, and typically have to strive on their own, finding better opportunities away from home.

Face Reading | Notched Ears (Open Flower Ears):

People with notched ears typically endure a difficult childhood and frequent health issues. Their life path is marked by ups and downs, largely self-reliant and starting from scratch.

Face Reading | Soft Ears:

Individuals with soft ears are easy-going and dislike complications. They avoid confrontations and are easily influenced. Their childhood may have been marred by poor health, but they often receive substantial care from elders.

Face Reading | Hard Ears:

Ear Type

People with hard ears are active and robust but also stubborn and decisive. They tend to be independent and opinionated from a young age, stabilizing and adapting well as they mature.

Face Reading | Thin Ears without Lobes:

Ear Type

Those with thin ears without lobes tend to be reclusive and whimsical, prone to misjudgments due to suspicion and easily misled. They often feel unfulfilled spiritually, struggling in their early years but capable of achieving success through personal effort if other facial features are favorable.

Face Reading | Thick and Full Ears:

People with thick and full ears are principled, loyal, and although stubborn, they are energetic and sincere. Women with thick ears often have supportive marital relationships, highly regarded for their integrity and family values.

Face Reading | Ears Whiter than the Face:

Ear Type

Individuals with ears noticeably paler than their face are generally healthy, intelligent, and have a good early start in life. They are straightforward and generous and can achieve success through perseverance.

Face Reading | Sharp Upper Ear Contours:

Ear Type

Those with sharp upper contours of their ears have a strong sense of self, tend to be rebellious and distant, and trust others reluctantly. They are self-reliant, enduring hardships throughout life with limited familial and financial support.

    Wind-Catching Ears:

    Stubborn and somewhat narrow-minded, these individuals are argumentative and skeptical. However, they are also very perceptive and outspoken, relying primarily on their own efforts in life.

    Face Reading | Hairy Ear Orifices:

    A sign of health and longevity, people with hair in their ear holes, especially if the holes are wide, are smart and scholarly, likely to achieve a long and successful life.

    Earlobes with Pearls:

    Ear Type

    Optimistic and cheerful, individuals with pearled earlobes usually enjoy a privileged upbringing or encounter beneficial mentors during their development. They tend to lead a prosperous and worry-free later life.

      Ears Flush with the Head:

      Ear Type

      Kind-hearted and meticulous, these people are independent and achieve much through their own efforts, known for their solidity and reliability.

        High-Set Ears:

        Ear Type

        Born into favorable conditions, such individuals are intelligent and capable, often encountering opportunities for advancement and possessing leadership qualities, though they may appear superior in interactions.

          Low-Set Ears:

          Typically self-made, these people work hard from a young age, excel in practical matters, and maintain an approachable demeanor with peers and subordinates even after achieving success, though they must be wary of indulgent distractions.

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