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Face Reading | Sixteen Types of Lips Face Analysis

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Face Reading | Wide Mouth

These individuals are warm, cheerful, adept at mediating disputes, and possess a broad-minded nature. They often achieve greatness later in life. However, an excessively wide mouth may overwhelm others.

    Face Reading | Small Mouth

    People with small mouths are tender-hearted and sympathetic, with a congenial personality lacking in ambition. They are intelligent, persevering, and contribute selflessly.

      Face Reading | Thin Lips

      Those with thin lips are quick thinkers, clever, and realistic, with strong adaptability and a direct manner of speaking. They may be somewhat self-centered and less passionate, but they strive for a positive life.

        Face Reading | Thick Lips

        Ndividuals with thick lips are sincere and not very expressive but are warm-hearted and content. Sometimes, their excessive concern for others’ feelings can cloud their judgment.

          Face Reading | Equal Upper and Lower Lips

          People whose lips form a straight line when closed are disciplined, principled, and somewhat conservative, showing little flexibility.

            Face Reading | Round Lips

            Those with round lips tend to have a simple mind, experiencing a life of shallow fortune, anxiety, and timidity. They often find less success in their later years, thus should work harder in their middle age.

              Skewed Lips

              Individuals with skewed lips have a biased personality, prone to arguing and inconsistency in words and actions. They are independent and often resistant to criticism.

                Lips with Many Wrinkles

                This trait is common in older people, but wrinkles at a younger age indicate a life of hardship, leading to solitude and unrest in later years.

                  Upturned Mouth Corners

                  Intelligent and talented, these individuals are emotionally rich and ambitious. They are not petty and earn their friends’ trust, promising a prosperous later life.

                    Downturned Mouth Corners

                    Proud and somewhat stubborn, these people are straight-forward and resilient, facing challenges head-on without compromising easily.

                      Mouth Corners with Downward Lines

                      Known as the “longevity lines,” these individuals have a lofty character, clear distinction between right and wrong, but may appear stubborn and picky, often feeling lonely in their later years and should beware of stomach issues.

                        Thin Upper and Lower Lips with a Pointed Nose

                        Sharp-tongued, these people tend to stir trouble and unknowingly hurt others, resulting in a somewhat detached personality and a life filled with unnecessary disputes.

                          Protruding Upper Lip (Blowing Fire Mouth)

                          Fond of debating but often lacking eloquence, these individuals easily provoke disputes and are unwilling to concede, though they actively pursue their ideals.

                            Protruding Lower Lip

                            These individuals are solitary, suspicious, sensitive, and slightly self-centered, needing to strengthen their interpersonal relationships.

                              Both Lips Protruding

                              Prone to opportunism and materialism, these straightforward, stubborn individuals often unintentionally offend others, making long-term relationships challenging.

                                Lips That Don’t Close Tightly (Teeth-Showing Mouth)

                                Impulsive and with weaker fortunes, these people often miss opportunities. As they age, their dissipative nature may lead to financial and personal difficulties.

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