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Using a Square Feng Shui House to Change Family Fortune

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Feng shui considers not only north-facing south orientation, but the shape and size of residence to be auspicious, too. An ideal “feng shui house” ideally should be square or rectangular when seen from above, embodying completeness without missing corners and exhibiting symmetry; irregular shapes may disrupt energy flows within a home and should therefore be avoided.

Tradition Feng Shui architectural principles hold that square or rectangular houses represent equilibrium. Such designs ensure smooth airflow and energy circulation within the dwelling, shielding against misfortune or illness and contributing to family members’ health and wellbeing. Conversely, houses with irregular shapes or missing sectors can cause stagnant energy flows that create uneven distribution of energy fields within its boundaries, potentially negatively affecting both mental health and daily life.

Square homes not only allow for easier furniture arrangement and create larger usable space, but they also promote comfort and tranquility for their residents. Unfortunately, with the increase of high-rise buildings not all homes meet this ideal shape; many modern designs feature interesting and unique elements which don’t conform to feng shui standards despite looking visually appealing; interior decoration or design adjustments could help mitigate such shortcomings and boost their property’s feng shui.

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