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Face Reading Tutorial: Analyzing Teeth Physiognomy

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Teeth face reading plays a significant role, although not as apparent as the facial features, but still influencing one’s destiny. Among teeth physiognomies, the most crucial are the incisors.

  1. Incisors Represent Parents: The left incisor represents the father, and the right incisor represents the mother. If the incisors are separated or angled significantly, suggesting a slight protrusion, it indicates disharmony between the parents. Severe issues with the incisors can also affect one’s romantic relationships.
  2. Dominance Indicated by Incisor Position: If the left incisor overlaps the right, it suggests a more dominant father. Conversely, if the right incisor overlaps the left, the mother is likely more dominant.
  3. Incisor Damage and Parental Health: Damage to the incisors can affect the health of the parents. Accidental damage leading to incisor loss predicts significant illness for one or both parents within three years. Congenital absence of an incisor indicates a lack of parental support from a young age.
  4. Incisors and Wealth Accumulation: Incisors can also influence wealth accumulation. Gaps or damage in the incisors can lead to financial instability, making it hard to retain wealth.
  5. Protruding Incisors (“Buck Teeth”): Individuals with protruding incisors often lack tact in speech but are talkative and can negatively impact their father’s longevity. However, leaving home early for education or marriage can mitigate this effect.
  6. Long Teeth Indicate Elegance; Short Teeth Suggest Bluntness: Short teeth imply a lack of eloquence and a tendency to speak out of turn.
  7. People Who Show Gums When Smiling: Those who expose their gums while smiling often struggle to keep secrets, as per the saying, “those who smile showing their gums will likely reveal plans.”
  8. Inward-Growing Teeth: This suggests poor communication skills and an introverted personality.

Generally, dental work only alters the appearance of teeth without affecting destiny.

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