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Overview Of The Ten Gods And Variable Stars

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The Ten Gods in Bazi, derived from the interactions of the Five Elements and their Yin and Yang aspects, serve as a set of symbolic representations used in fortune-telling. The Ten Gods, also known as the Ten Transformation Stars, play a crucial role in Bazi analysis.

Once the Bazi is established, the Ten Gods can be determined using a quick reference chart. Below are links to such charts:

What exactly are the Ten Gods? Let’s delve into their origins and functions. The diagram below, illustrating the generating and overcoming cycles of the Five Elements, shows that each Element is connected by four lines, representing different relationships. Taking Fire as an example, these lines signify “generates me” (Wood generates Fire), “I generate” (Fire generates Earth), “overcomes me” (Metal overcomes Wood), and “I overcome” (Fire overcomes Metal). Including “equals me” (Fire equals Fire), there are five possible relationships between the Elements.

After determining the Bazi, the Day Stem can be regarded as “Me.” The Day Stem, also known as the Day Master or Day Element, becomes the reference point for pairing with the Ten Gods. The mnemonic for this pairing is: those that generate me are Direct and Indirect Resource; those I generate are Eating God and Hurting Officer; those that overcome me are Direct and Indirect Wealth; those I overcome are Direct Officer and Seven Killings; those equal to me are Friend and Rob Wealth.

This pairing utilizes the Yin and Yang aspects of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches previously learned. Related reading: The Yin and Yang, Five Elements of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, Hidden Stems.

Let’s explain the mnemonic further. Taking the Day Element as Geng Metal (Yang Metal) for instance, Earth generates Metal. If the chart includes Wu and Ji within the Heavenly Stems, both of which are Earth Elements but with Wu being Yang Earth and Ji being Yin Earth, same-sex elements are considered “Indirect,” while opposite-sex elements are “Direct.” Thus, Wu becomes Indirect Resource and Ji becomes Direct Resource. The categorization for the other relationships follows a similar logic, with Direct Resource, Eating God, Direct Officer, Direct Wealth, and Friend being the positive stars, and Indirect Resource, Food God, Seven Killings, Indirect Wealth being the negative stars, collectively known as the Ten Gods.

The Ten Gods are abbreviated in Bazi readings as follows: Direct Resource — Resource; Indirect Resource — Seal; Direct Officer — Officer; Seven Killings — Killings; Direct Wealth — Wealth; Indirect Wealth — Wealth; Eating God — Eating; Hurting Officer — Hurting; Friend — Friend; Rob Wealth — Rob.

Before analyzing a Bazi chart, the chart and the Luck Pillars obtained from plotting the Major Cycles need to be encoded with the Ten Gods. Consider the following example:

Wu (Seal) Chen (Seal Wealth Hurt), Ji (Resource) Wei (Resource Officer Wealth), Geng (Day Master) Wu (Officer Resource), Bing (Killing) Zi (Hurt).

Encoding the Luck Pillars as follows:

Geng (Friend) Shen (Friend Eating Seal) (4 years old), Xin (Rob) You (Rob) (14 years old), Ren (Eating) Xu (Seal Rob Officer) (24 years old), Gui (Hurt) Hai (Eating Wealth) (34 years old), Jia (Wealth) Zi (Hurt) (44 years old), Yi (Direct Wealth) Chou (Resource Hurt Rob) (54 years old), Bing (Killing) Yin (Wealth Killing Seal) (64 years old), Ding (Officer) Mao (Direct Wealth) (74 years old), Wu (Seal) Chen (Seal Wealth Hurt) (84 years old).

After converting to the Ten Gods, analyzing the Bazi structure allows for the determination of fortune and misfortune based on the chart’s configuration and the Ten Gods.

For content on Bazi structures, visit: Determining Bazi Structures.

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