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Feng Shui and Health: the Effects of the Five Elements

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Feng Shui, which pervades our lives and health, plays an integral part in maintaining its equilibrium. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Feng Shui plays an essential part in our wellbeing by reflecting the balance of Yin-Yang and Five Elements within ourselves, reflecting them with its principles. An ancient Chinese medical text known as Huangdi Neijing states that certain winds in different seasons – for instance east winds in spring can cause liver diseases while southern winds cause heat symptoms while west winds can result in serious injuries or sudden death.

Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine both recognize that deficiencies in any element can be addressed through Feng Shui as well as medicine, making Feng Shui’s connection with health especially significant.

Deficiencies in Five Elements – Metal

Those lacking Metal should eat more meat, the best remedy, as Wood-related vegetables might counteract Metal and harm the body. Metal-rich foods include chicken and pork lungs. For vegetarians, lentils, broad beans, radishes, peaches, and watermelons are good Metal sources.

Five Elements Deficiency: Wood

Individuals lacking Wood should consume foods rich in this element. To increase Wood, eating vegetables like cabbages, leeks, lettuce, and radishes is straightforward. Legumes, such as green beans, also boost Wood. Consuming fruits like apples, oranges, and pears restores vitality and counteracts negative energy.

Non-vegetarians looking for protein should opt for fish, duck meat, chicken feet, chicken liver and pork liver as an appropriate protein source.

Water Deficiency

To supplement a lack of Water, individuals can eat vegetables such as kelp, black beans, black fungus, winter melons, bitter gourd, and loofah. Pork and duck intestines can offer additional moisture. Dairy, honey, and fruit juice beverages also help.

Fire Is Deficient

Individuals with a Fire imbalance should consider their vegetable preparation, as raw salads may not be advantageous. Cooking vegetables with ginger and adding spices like chili and curry powder is advised to increase fire energy. Including spicy dishes from Sichuan and Hunan cuisines, known for their peppery flavors, can also boost the body’s fire elements.

Five Elements Deficiency: Earth

Beef is an excellent way to supplement Earth, making a stewed beef pot especially healthful. Lean meats such as lamb and dog meat also contribute to this vital element, although their consumption should preferably occur in winter so as to not increase dryness and heat levels during the warmer months.

Understanding and applying the principles of Feng Shui’s “five elements” as well as dietary practices can have profound impacts on one’s health and well-being, providing an integrative solution to address physical imbalances while simultaneously supporting overall wellbeing.

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