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The First Step In Palm Reading: Observing The Color Of The Palms

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When it comes to palmistry, the process begins with observing the palm’s color, followed by its shape, then the fingers, and finally, the lines on the palm.

The color of the palm, known as the palm’s complexion, can vary widely, including white, pink, bright red, cinnabar, purplish-red, yellow, green, and dark hues.

White palms are considered the most auspicious, suggesting the potential for success without much effort. Even if the lines on the palm are chaotic, those with white palms tend to achieve success more easily compared to other colors.

Pink palms are also favorable, indicating a life of hard work paired with good fortune, where minimal effort can lead to substantial rewards.

Bright red palms signify hard-earned wealth. People with this palm color are often impulsive and prefer to take matters into their own hands. They have a certain degree of luck and can achieve success, albeit through hard work.

Cinnabar palms feature uneven red spots across the palm, similar to bright red but with the added caution that individuals with this palm color may have heart issues and should manage emotional fluctuations carefully.

Purplish-red palms are less favorable, often indicating hard work without corresponding rewards. For those with this palm color from a young age, it’s advisable to commit to learning a trade or securing stable employment in a large organization for a consistent career path. Investment and business ventures are generally not recommended, though small businesses might be feasible.

Yellow palms typically denote manual laborers with lower social status. Like purplish-red palms, it’s advisable for individuals with yellow palms to pursue a skilled trade or stable employment in a large organization to ensure a secure lifestyle, avoiding the pursuit of rapid success in favor of stability and sustenance.

Green shades, usually found between the thumb and index finger, suggest a predisposition to digestive issues. Dark or green hues are indicative of temporary health states, most accurately assessed in the morning. An abundance of dark or green areas suggests a period of unfavorable fortune, with the left hand reflecting the current year and the right hand the next year.

After understanding palm colors, the next step is to learn about palm shapes. For further reading: The Second Step in Palmistry: Observing the Palm Shape

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