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The Five Elements Rules for Arranging Household Items

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To accurately arrange Feng Shui, understanding the five elements associated with each direction and their auspicious and inauspicious natures is necessary. It’s also essential to know the elemental associations of various household items and decorations.

Metal: Represents all metal objects, copper items, sharp objects, and cutting tools. Metal also symbolizes monkeys and roosters.

Wood: Encompasses all wooden doors, beds, furniture, cabinets, flooring, and books. Vibrant wood symbolizes vacuum cleaners, new shoes, and live plants, while declining wood represents unworn old shoes and withered plants, indicating legal troubles and disputes. Wood also symbolizes rabbit dolls. Cat dolls also represent wood but are associated with the fire element as well, including Hello Kitty, Garfield, and lucky cats, signifying both wood and fire.

Water: Symbolizes bathrooms, fish tanks, Mickey Mouse, pig dolls, the character for fortune (福), and Batman dolls. Excessive water in the home, such as leaking bathrooms and air conditioners, signifies an unhealthy water level. Homes needing water should have bathtubs in their bathrooms, representing water storage. For those who should avoid water, using a shower is advisable.

Fire: Represents vibrating electrical appliances, such as TVs, radios, computers, with the stove being the strongest fire element in the home. The Nine Purple Fire Star, associated with romantic prospects, implies the stove symbolizes the housewife and her romantic prospects. This shows that a housewife who loves cooking is a popular wife and mother, ensuring her status within the family.

If you never cook, you must enhance the Nine Purple Fire elsewhere, either in other home areas or in your attire. The stove not only governs the housewife’s fate but is also the source of fire for the entire house. If someone in the home needs the fire element, it’s crucial to strengthen it in the kitchen.

The stove’s fire directly affects the surrounding electromagnetic field, making it the pinnacle of fire elements in the house. Other electrical appliances like rice cookers and kettles have a minor impact on the nearby magnetic field.

Ginger and green onions placed in the kitchen belong to the fire element; their spicy scent repels ants. If you place a piece of ginger in the kitchen, its spicy aroma will affect the atmosphere and magnetic field around it.

People are also a form of Feng Shui; placing ginger or chili peppers in a bag can change your body’s magnetic field. Therefore, those needing the fire element can carry ginger or chili peppers in their bag to enhance their fire luck.

Light bulbs directly test the fire element. Nine Purple Fire (light bulbs) placed in a One White Water position means the fire overwhelms the water. If placed in an earth position, the fire generates earth, but too much earth can affect the spleen and stomach, leading to stomach heat. Light bulbs come in two colors: white for cool light, suitable for those who should avoid fire, and yellow for warm light, suitable for those needing fire.

Generally, people born in summer and early autumn (September of the lunar calendar) should avoid fire, while those born in winter and early spring need fire. However, this theory is generic and should only serve as a reference. To truly understand your elemental needs, a professional Bazi analysis is required. Determining the Favorable and Unfavorable Elements in Bazi

Chargers contain a lot of fire during the charging process, symbolizing the absorption of fire. Placing the charger in a fire position can significantly absorb the fire element. However, placing it in the earth position of the Five Yellow and Two Black can increase these energies, even if six copper coins are hung. Placing the charger in a fire-needed area, like the Nine Purple romantic prospects area or the Eight White wealth area, can serve dual purposes. Modern people love using computers, which are considered fire elements in Feng Shui. All electrical appliances, including electric toys and red toy cars, belong to fire. Many overlook these items, yet they significantly impact Feng Shui. Therefore, understanding daily life items and inspecting Feng Shui from the actual environment is crucial, rather than solely relying on the flying stars’ positions.

For instance, magnetic field calculations may indicate a water position, but if a large yellow lamp is placed there, considering it a water position would be incorrect.

I’ve encountered many real-life cases, such as a child refusing to bathe due to a fear of water according to his Bazi, or a child insisting on cold baths due to an aversion to fire. Another child showed no interest in toys except for dry batteries, indicating a lack of fire in his Bazi, while another only played with toy cars in water, indicating an aversion to fire.

These peculiar behaviors, when explained through the five elements, are straightforward. Taking the child who refused to bathe as an example, if the parents understood how to supplement their child’s fire element, the fear of bathing would disappear.

Earth: Represents the Two Black and Five Yellow, clutter, ceramics, and ordinary stones. Clutter is a major Feng Shui taboo. If clutter is stored in a cabinet, does it still count as clutter? Feng Shui believes in “out of sight, out of mind,” and since wood conquers earth, using a wooden cabinet to store clutter can weaken it, reducing the influence of the Five Yellow and Two Black stars.

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