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The Relationship Between Love And Feng Shui

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With travel and relocation becoming common for work purposes, many couples find themselves in long-distance relationships. Even online relationships, often criticized by critics, often produce genuine connections, some which have to endure long distance.

Feng Shui Tips for Long Distance Love

Maintaining long-distance relationships often end in disappointment, requiring trust and effort from both partners. Feng Shui can assist here; for instance, placing lovebirds or mandarin ducks in the southwest corner of your living room can increase emotional bonding between lovers.

Ending Loneliness Through Feng Shui

After years of trying, discovering that others are already coupled can be disheartening. To increase the odds of finding love again, begin pairing single items such as cups or lamps together in your home to bring in pink hues that create romantic vibes, while forgoing any black pieces completely. Past memorabilia from old relationships should also be removed in order to welcome fresh beginnings; sharp-angled plants should also be avoided and instead flowers placed regularly following “male left, female right” principles will produce more favorable results.

Misfortune of Beautiful Women

Feng Shui offers some insight into this popular cliche: beautiful women tend to be unlucky in love. According to this principle, too much leads to harm, signifying that such women tend towards freedom and intense desires that include emotional independence – which may result in their relationships not being taken seriously, leading them into misfortune or unhappy marriages. Even women of beauty and charm who find themselves facing such predicaments may find their choices limited and thus diminishing marital happiness.

Why Some Women Remain Unmarried

One reason some women may struggle to find partners is their bedroom’s Feng Shui. A bed placed against a wall symbolizes stability and security for relationships; aquariums or excessive plants that add too much Yin energy should be replaced with vases with fresh flowers to improve marital prospects.

Bedroom mirrors should not be hung at an oblique angle as this can encourage singlehood. Opening windows regularly to let in fresh air and sunlight can increase one’s “Peach Blossom Luck”, increasing romantic opportunities.

Feng shui for love can be an extremely powerful tool in nurturing and finding romance, whether that means maintaining long-distance relationships or welcoming in new love into your life. By making adjustments to your living space according to these principles, you can create an environment which fosters love, connection, and happiness in all its forms.

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