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Face Reading | Three Types of Couple

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    5 月
    3:17 上午
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Today, let’s explore the concept of “spousal resemblance” in Face Reading, which goes beyond just the visual similarities between spouses to encompass three distinct types.

Yin-Yang Complementary Resemblance:
This type of resemblance represents two extremes in facial features within a couple. For instance, one might have a high nasal bridge while the other has a low one; one may have a broad mouth and the other a narrow one; or one could have a round face against the other’s elongated face. Such couples complement each other, balancing their traits (yin and yang), which often leads to a lasting relationship where both partners accommodate each other’s differences, growing old together. For example, if the husband has a low nasal bridge and the wife has a high one, the wife’s “nasal fortune” could positively influence her husband’s fortunes during their life together.

Spousal Resemblance

Similar Three-Stop Proportion Resemblance:
In physiognomy, the “three stops” refer to a person’s fortune during their youth, middle age, and old age. Couples whose three stops are proportionally similar tend to share similar life trajectories, backgrounds, and experiences. This compatibility allows them to speak the same ‘language’ emotionally and spiritually, fostering a relationship that can endure until old age.

Similar Type Resemblance:
This form of spousal resemblance means the couple shares similar facial features. Such spouses often have aligned interests and goals. As they spend more time together, their appearances may even grow more alike, exemplifying the phrase “appearance follows the heart.” This phenomenon reflects deep emotional and psychological bonds that strengthen over time, drawing them closer in both spirit and looks.

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