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Face Reading Tutorial: Tongue Physiognomy Analysis

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The face reading of the tongue is not considered very important traditionally. However, as the importance of eloquence increases in modern society, the significance of the tongue’s appearance has also grown. Here are some observations regarding the tongue and its impact:

  1. Sharp-tongued Individuals: People with pointed tongues are very articulate. However, whether they speak skillfully also depends on the mouth and teeth. If the mouth is well-shaped with clear contours and the teeth are neat, then the person is likely very eloquent.
  2. Large Tongue: Individuals with a large tongue may find speaking more effortful and may not be suited for sales or similar roles, struggling to adapt to contemporary society.
  3. Thin Tongue: Those with a thin tongue tend not to lead a life of luxury and may end up in more physically demanding jobs.
  4. Tongue with ‘River’ Patterns: A tongue featuring patterns that resemble rivers indicates potential wealth and social status.
  5. Tongue with Flower or Star Patterns: Such markings on the tongue suggest nobility, indicating that the person is very skilled in speaking, akin to having a “silver tongue.”

Analyzing one’s mouth involves looking at the teeth, and similarly, examining the teeth entails observing the tongue. These three elements are interconnected.

In fact, the color of the tongue is also an aspect to consider, though this falls more under the purview of Traditional Chinese Medicine rather than physiognomy. Traditional Chinese Medicine and physiognomy share commonalities, and skilled practitioners of ancient Chinese medicine were also adept at reading physical features, hence the term “medicine, divination, astrology, and physiognomy” in ancient times.

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