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Chinese Zodiac | Analysis of People Born in the Year of the Tiger

As one of twelve Chinese zodiac signs, individuals born in the Year of the Tiger tend to exhibit strong independence and self-respect. Preferring acting alone over being too social, they often serve as protectors for commoners. Tigers’ impulsivity often results in mistakes and failures. Despite this, they never accept defeat. Facing setbacks, they take decisive actions to restart, pursuing success relentlessly. Additionally, they enjoy debating and rarely concede defeat easily. Convincing a Tiger can be extremely challenging, with men showing fierce competitiveness while women tending to be more deliberate, carefully considering every decision in both their professional and personal lives. They provide invaluable partners and helpers.

Chinese Zodiac | Emotions Of The Tiger

Tigers tend to be quick-witted and easily excited, often making snap decisions without fully considering all aspects of an issue. They abhor rules unless they themselves create them; as a result they often change careers frequently to avoid stagnation or external constraints.

Tigers possess an intense sense of justice and disfavor dishonesty, yet sometimes must comply with social norms despite this challenge. When dealing with superiors, Tigers will never hesitate to express their discontent if there appears to be any mistake – including boldly criticizing any errors on the spot!

Tigers view all popular trends as driven by opportunity. They view themselves as innovative trendsetters who always stay one step ahead of current fads.

Tigers are persistent in their pursuits, unwavering by arduous challenges. Unfortunately, however, they’re frequently surrounded by reckless friends and partners who make it hard for them to separate from a circle of extremists.

Chinese Zodiac | Wealth And Fortune

Tigers do not place a high value on money; not because they don’t have it but rather because it does not prioritize wealth for them. While they appreciate having enough or even an abundance of funds available for them to cover all their needs until that situation arises.

Tigers strive to be honest; however, circumstances often force them into minor transgressions. They do not tolerate authorities or any laws they deem unfair; when opposed, they vehemently defend their beliefs. Born with a sense of authority, Tigers often dream of holding powerful positions but their passion for activity and change often leaves them searching for their ideal roles even at fifty!

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