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Face Reading | Analysis of Triangle Eyes in Physiognomy

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    3 月
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Triangular eyes are a common feature in face reading, with more than one type present. The most frequently seen are the inner triangular eyes, where the inner corner of the eye forms a triangle, and the outer triangular eyes, where the outer corner forms a triangle, which is rarer.

Individuals with inner triangular eyes tend to like taking minor advantages, but often at the cost of significant losses. The inner corner of the eye corresponds to the ages of thirty-five and thirty-six, during which people with inner triangular eyes may suffer financial losses due to relatives and friends. Conversely, those with outer triangular eyes experience financial losses through relatives and friends around the ages of thirty-nine and forty. Tadpole eyes are often confused with inner triangular eyes; tadpole eyes have a rounded head and a tapered tail.

Among triangular eyes, there are also lower triangular eyes, commonly seen in the elderly. The sagging and drooping eyelids of older individuals often result in this appearance, making them particularly susceptible to deception.

If the triangular shape of the eye is particularly pronounced, there is an increased risk of violent incidents or untimely death.

Therefore, individuals with prominently triangular eyes should be cautious during critical periods related to their “eye fate” and could consider blood donation or dental cleaning as mitigative measures.

The impact of triangular eyes also depends on the accompanying eyebrow shape. If paired with drooping eyebrows, there is no issue, and such individuals are suited for strategic planning roles. Although drooping eyebrows are not considered favorable, the combination of two negatives does not intensify the negative impact, thereby neutralizing any potential adverse effects.

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