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Using Feng Shui to Turn Around Your Family’s Wealth

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    2 月
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Feng shui recognizes the “wealth corner” as an essential tool in creating financial success at home. Commonly associated with living rooms, where families thrive and guests arrive and greet one another, the wealth corner is key in stimulating wealth in any household. When placing deities of wealth diagonally opposite an entrance can greatly increase financial growth in any household.

Living rooms may not always be square, necessitating adjustments to strengthen the wealth corner. Extending cabinetry length to create a more uniform space may help mitigate recessive corners; using screens in passageways to segregate areas may provide added protection and privacy of your wealth corner; windows in this strategic spot should also be sealed up to prevent energy leakage from your wealth corner.

Adjacent to a wealth corner, adding lush potted plants with round leaves such as Money Plants or Peace Lilies can amplify positive energy compared to non-auspicious Azaleas. Such improvements not only add life and vitality to the area, but they also align your living space with feng shui’s principles of prosperity and abundance.

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