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Face Reading |Twelve Types of Philtrum Physiognomy

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The philtrum, located beneath the nose, is a groove that when deep and pronounced, signifies a resilient character, vibrant life force, patience, and perseverance. Such individuals often enjoy good fortunes in their middle and later years, blessed with virtuous offspring and enduring prosperity.

Individuals with short and shallow philtrums tend to be more passive, lacking in ambition, and not very meticulous in their thinking, often leading to a contradictory mindset. Their lives can feel burdensome, with difficulties in making significant contributions or breakthroughs in their middle to later years, often starting projects without finishing them.

People with flat and unmarked philtrums exhibit introverted and calm personalities. They are conservative and reserved, disliking complex tasks or heavy responsibilities. Their lives are simple and laid-back, with a somewhat closed-off mentality, lacking in ambition or strong desires.

For those with horizontal lines on their philtrums, the middle and later years may bring setbacks and misfortunes, along with poor health and an unstable life. If these lines are deep and long, there’s often worry and trouble concerning children and grandchildren. Women with such features should be cautious of physiological issues or difficult childbirth.

Individuals with philtrums narrow at the top and wide at the bottom display strong perseverance. They achieve success through hard work. Despite struggles in their middle years, they often find prosperity later in life. Their children tend to be tall, outstanding, and supportive.

Those with philtrums that are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom tend to be sensitive and somewhat petty. Lacking patience and persistence, their goals may not be steadfast, leading to mid-course changes. Insufficient effort during middle age might result in financial difficulties later on.

People with narrow philtrums are often sentimental, indecisive, and somewhat selfish, with a small capacity for openness and communication. They hesitate or shy away from confrontation and may end up living alone in their later years.

Those with broad philtrums are cheerful, honest, accommodating, and possess a generous demeanor, which fosters smooth interpersonal relationships. In their middle and later years, they can rely on their abilities and receive support from others to achieve success.

Individuals with philtrums that are narrow at both ends and wide in the middle often suffer from physical ailments or injuries. They may have weaker relationships with their children or face generational gaps, leading to misunderstandings.

People with philtrums curved like a bow should beware of deceitful individuals or becoming embroiled in rumors and trouble. Their later years may involve legal troubles, and women might face issues with their uterus or difficulties in conceiving.

Those with cross lines in their philtrums may experience shallow marital and filial connections, feeling lonely in their middle and later years. Engaging with spiritual or religious activities may help alleviate the sense of emptiness in life.

Individuals with skewed philtrums are prone to disputes and complaints, also needing to be cautious of physical ailments. Women may encounter complications during pregnancy and childbirth, and communication with children can be challenging.

For more information on how the philtrum can indicate the gender of offspring and lifespan, please click: Understanding Gender and Lifespan Through Philtrum Analysis.

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