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Wealth Attracting Feng Shui for Windows and Bathrooms

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Discover how applying Feng Shui wealth corner principles to windows and bathrooms can greatly increase the wealth energy within your home or office space.

Wealth Corner | Windows

Windows are known to attract wealth, making them an effective way of building wealth.

Wealth Corner-European-inspired waiting room

Windows are essential in drawing wealth into our homes. Arched or round windows, known for their gentle nature, do not interfere with wealth energy and should be preferred in living rooms and bedrooms. Square windows are best used in dining areas to revitalize them.

As windows serve as conduits of Qi (or life energy), their opening mechanism is of critical importance in creating an influx of positive Qi that attracts wealth. Outward-opening windows are best, as this helps ensure the smooth flow of energy. Potted plants nearby may help invigorate inward opening windows, while for less common upward opening windows, consider bright curtains or decorative items that enhance energy flow.

Wealth Corner | Bathrooms

Bathrooms may often be associated with negative energy in feng shui, but by making thoughtful arrangements, they can actually contribute positively to attracting wealth into your home.

Wealth Corner-Chinese Vintage Bathroom

For optimal feng shui wealth, avoid placing the bathroom in the center, northwest, or northeast areas of your home. Instead, installing an exhaust fan in its eastern section to correspond with the Green Dragon can expel negative energy while increasing wealth Qi. Furthermore, adding small, odor-absorbing plants or aromatic spices can activate this often-overlooked space and maximize its wealth potential.

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