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Venus Girdle, Travel Lines, and Migration Lines in Palmistry: Meanings and Manifestations

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The Venus Belt is often found in women’s palmistry, located between the heart line and the palm’s mount, with those lacking the Venus Belt frequently missing romantic opportunities, unaware of their suitors.

If the Venus Belt is chaotic, it signifies a strong desire for love and potentially promiscuous behavior, as seen in the left image below. This is also indicated by cross lines and star marks. However, the location matters; such chaos near the heart line suggests the aforementioned traits, while near the Sun Mount and Saturn Mount, it indicates artistic talent and self-control, not carnal desires, as shown in the right image.

A clear Venus Belt with few fine lines denotes artistic talent, and if there are a few clear palm lines, it indicates clear emotions, as shown in the image below.

The Learning Venus Belt typically appears as two fine lines on the Sun Mount and Saturn Mount. The presence of even one line is considered a Learning Venus Belt, suggesting the capacity to embrace new things and continue learning into old age, as illustrated below.

Palm lines on the Mount of Moon and Upper Mars are known as Travel Lines. Long travel lines indicate the potential for extensive travel; the further and more frequent the travels, the more travel lines present, as seen in the image below. The absence of travel lines suggests a preference for staying home. The interpretation of travel lines should be considered alongside facial features; short travel lines, low brow angles, and small angles in nasolabial folds usually indicate less favorable travel experiences.

Life line branches pointing towards the Mount of Moon indicate the possibility of settling in a foreign land, also known as the Immigration Line. The presence of this line on the left hand is less definitive, as early life education away from home might not necessarily imply immigration, whereas on the right hand, it often signifies immigration. The earlier the fork appears, the sooner the departure from one’s homeland. If one fails to seize opportunities to move abroad, this line may fade over time, as shown in the left image below. A life line overall pointing towards the Mount of Moon significantly increases the likelihood of spending one’s final years abroad, as illustrated in the right image below.

If the immigration line has island or cross marks, it’s advisable not to travel long-term, as it could indicate potential life-threatening dangers abroad. A life line branch that diverges but later rejoins the main life line suggests someone who has spent many years away but eventually returns to their roots, as shown in the image below.

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