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What is Wealth Corner & Leakage of Wealth Corner

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How to Attract Wealth-Creating Homes

Your acquaintance may have mentioned fortune cats, but have you heard of a “wealth corner” home? To create such an environment and ensure maximum wealth magnetism, key factors include creating an ideal living environment and choosing a square-shaped house to provide balance and ensure positive energies aren’t disturbed from within the structure. Also important for success is placing the entrance within this corner to help encourage prosperity while blocking negative energies away.

After finding your ideal house, timing your move to maximize wealth attraction is paramount for success. Aligning personal fate with the house’s feng shui layout to select an auspicious time and direction is key for gathering wealth energy and amassing wealth energy.

Issue of Leakage of Wealth

An irregular house can lead to financial leakage as its missing corners are considered problematic in Feng Shui and require adjustments. An even greater concern arises if these missing corners occur in one’s wealth corner, making it harder than usual to keep earnings.

Being directly opposite each other creates a pathway for wealth to flee, particularly from front doors that should welcome wealth energy into your home but instead are directly aligned with windows, preventing its entry. This also applies to interior doors facing each other or an external front door aligned with a hallway; large openings directly opposite one another allow wealth leakage.

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