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Assessing Wealth Fortune through Palm and Face Reading

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Financial fortune is a topic of great interest to many, raising questions like when will one become wealthy or face financial losses, what is the state of one’s financial fortune, is it possible to make a significant amount of money, and how to enhance one’s financial luck. Mr. Yu from Sanliu Fengshui delves into these concerns through palmistry, physiognomy, and Feng Shui.

1. When Will I Become Wealthy or Face Financial Loss?

To determine the timing of financial gain or loss, one must examine the career and success lines in palmistry.

The location of the career line and its corresponding ages are shown below:

Career Line Ages
  1. Island patterns on the career line suggest significant obstacles in one’s career, likely leading to financial loss. Islands at the start indicate early career challenges, in the middle suggest mid-career obstacles, and at the end often predict career failure.
  2. Short horizontal lines on the career line, if shallow and numerous, are negative influences but not necessarily indicative of financial loss. However, a single deep horizontal line deeper than the career line itself suggests a period of career failure. For more, see: Career Line Palmistry
Horizontal Lines

The success line, also known as the Sun line, is not present in everyone. Its existence is generally positive, indicating ease of success. The lower the starting point, the earlier the financial success.

Success Line Origins

Determining the timing of financial success or loss from physiognomy is more complex. Unlike palmistry, which provides a rough age range, physiognomy includes the Hundred Years Luck Chart, identifying specific facial areas for each year. A good facial aspect in a specific year suggests a bold approach in career development, while a poor aspect advises caution.

2. What Is My Financial Fortune? Can I Make a Lot of Money?

In palmistry, the little finger, Mercury mount, and Mercury line govern financial fortune and earning capacity.

  1. The little finger, or Mercury finger, relates to wealth, science, and communication skills. Most wealthy individuals have a long Mercury finger, with length judged relative to the segments of the ring finger.
Long Little Finger
  1. The Mercury mount enhances the little finger’s abilities, representing wealth and social skills.
  2. The Mercury line, or the sixth sense line, extends towards the Mercury mount, further enhancing these abilities.

Facial features influencing financial fortune include the nose and facial shape. A meaty nose with small nostrils and thick wings indicates stable, hard-earned wealth, while a large nostriled, thin-winged nose suggests speculative gains.

Facial Shapes

3. How to Enhance Financial Fortune Through Feng Shui?

Using palmistry and physiognomy passively informs one’s financial luck, whereas Feng Shui offers active methods to enhance financial fortune.

Enhancing financial luck through Feng Shui involves adjustments in home, workplace, and store settings. For example, a well-stocked kitchen symbolizes wealth and energy, suggesting confidence in wealth acquisition. The kitchen, representing the home’s wealth, should be full and not empty.

Balancing yin and yang in the kitchen, especially if it faces the sun, prevents financial leakage. Similarly, a well-lit and appropriately positioned balcony attracts wealth, while bathrooms, being the home’s drainage point, should be located and maintained carefully to prevent wealth loss.

By understanding and applying these principles from palmistry, physiognomy, and Feng Shui, one can gain insights into their financial fortune and take active steps to enhance it.

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