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What are Direct Officer and Seven Killings?

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The Direct Officer, abbreviated as “Officer,” is classified as a principal star, denoting those elements that overcome the Day Master, yet differ in Yin and Yang.

For Yang Day Masters: Jia sees Xin, Bing sees Gui, Wu sees Yi, Geng sees Ding, and Ren sees Ji. For Yin Day Masters: Yi sees Geng, Ding sees Ren, Ji sees Jia, Xin sees Bing, and Gui sees Wu.

Although the Direct Officer overcomes the Day Master, its force is less aggressive than the Seven Killings due to the attraction of differing Yin and Yang aspects. Therefore, even though it dominates, its power is not excessively fierce.

For Yin Day Masters (Yi, Ding, Ji, Xin, Gui), encountering their Direct Officers (Geng, Ren, Jia, Bing, Wu) leads to an attraction rather than conflict, as detailed in the five combinations of Heavenly Stems. Thus, for Yin Day Masters, encountering the Direct Officer is akin to “the Officer coming to unite with me,” whereas Yang Day Masters see no such union.

The Direct Officer symbolizes career, profession, and changes. If considered a favorable element, it indicates good career prospects. Conversely, if unfavorable, it suggests subjugation at work. “Officer” means to govern. A strong Day Master without the Seal can be regulated by the Officer, while a weak Day Master with the Seal benefits from the Officer’s support, making the Officer generally favorable. In men’s charts, the Direct Officer represents children, while in women’s charts, it signifies the husband.

The Seven Killings, abbreviated as “Kill,” belong to the variable stars, occurring when the element overcoming the Day Master shares the same Yin or Yang.

For Yang Day Masters: Jia meets Geng, Bing encounters Ren, Wu finds Jia, Geng sees Bing, and Ren meets Wu. For Yin Day Masters: Yi sees Xin, Ding meets Gui, Ji finds Yi, Xin encounters Ding, and Gui meets Ji.

Named “Seven Killings” due to their position seven places apart in the Heavenly Stems, indicating mutual overcoming, and the most potent force of domination among the Ten Gods.

Among the Ten Gods, the Seven Killings are considered the most malevolent. A strong Day Master can harness this power, signifying authority and career success, making it favorable. However, a weak Day Master facing the Seven Killings, especially when combined with the Eating God or Wealth, can lead to adverse health and disaster.

In men’s charts, the Seven Killings represent children, while in women’s charts, they signify the husband or male relationships. A mixed presence of Direct Officer and Seven Killings, particularly if unfavorable, often leads to encounters with troublesome men. If the chart contains many Officers and Killings, it suggests numerous romantic involvements for women.

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