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What are Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth?

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Direct Wealth (正财) occurs when the Day Master overcomes another element under the condition of Yin and Yang interaction, symbolizing legitimate wealth or income derived from one’s primary occupation. For a Yang Day Master, such as Jia (Yang Wood) seeing Ji (Yin Earth), Bing (Yang Fire) seeing Xin (Yin Metal), Wu (Yang Earth) seeing Gui (Yin Water), Geng (Yang Metal) seeing Yi (Yin Wood), and Ren (Yang Water) seeing Ding (Yin Fire); or for a Yin Day Master, such as Yi (Yin Wood) seeing Wu (Yang Earth), Ding (Yin Fire) seeing Geng (Yang Metal), Ji (Yin Earth) seeing Ren (Yang Water), Xin (Yin Metal) seeing Jia (Yang Wood), and Gui (Yin Water) seeing Bing (Yang Fire).

Among the Ten Gods, Wealth represents financial resources. Direct Wealth signifies wealth generated through formal employment or conventional income streams. When a strong Day Master encounters Wealth, it indicates the arrival of wealth; conversely, a weak Day Master encountering Wealth suggests poverty.

For Yang Day Masters (Jia, Bing, Wu, Geng, Ren) seeing Direct Wealth (Ji, Xin, Gui, Yi, Ding), it forms a Heavenly Stem combination, signifying “Wealth comes to meet me.” However, Yin Day Masters encountering Direct Wealth do not form such combinations.

In the Six Relations system, Direct Wealth plays multiple roles. For male charts, it represents the wife, female friends, or elder female relatives; for female charts, it represents elder male relatives but not the husband or male friends.

Indirect Wealth (偏财) arises when the Day Master overcomes another element of the same Yin-Yin or Yang-Yang polarity, classified as a variable star. For a Yang Day Master, such as Jia seeing Wu, Bing seeing Geng, Wu seeing Ren, Geng seeing Jia, and Ren seeing Bing; for a Yin Day Master, Yi seeing Ji, Ding seeing Xin, Ji seeing Gui, Xin seeing Yi, and Gui seeing Ding.

Indirect Wealth also signifies financial resources but differs from Direct Wealth as it pertains to informal income sources, such as windfalls, part-time jobs, bonuses, compensations, gambling winnings, and insurance payouts.

For a strong Day Master, Wealth is seen as favorable, indicating legitimate income with Direct Wealth and windfalls with Indirect Wealth. Conversely, for a weak Day Master, Wealth becomes unfavorable, indicating poverty when encountering wealth.

A weak Day Master with a mix of Direct and Indirect Wealth often indicates pathological gamblers prone to financial ruin from excessive gambling. In male charts, a weak Day Master with mixed Wealth may also signify a predisposition towards promiscuity, eventually leading to troubles caused by such behavior.

In the Six Relations system, regardless of gender, Indirect Wealth represents the father or elder male relatives. For male charts, Indirect Wealth also signifies female friends or external relationships beyond the spouse.

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