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What are Hurting Officer and Eating God?

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Harming Officer, abbreviated as “Hurt,” occurs when the generated element differs in Yin and Yang from the Day Master, classified as a principal star.

For Yang Day Masters: Jia sees Ding, Bing sees Ji, Wu sees Xin, Geng sees Gui, and Ren sees Yi. For Yin Day Masters: Yi sees Bing, Ding sees Wu, Ji sees Geng, Xin sees Ren, and Gui sees Jia.

The Harming Officer acts by overcoming the Direct Officer, hence its name. For example, Jia’s Harming Officer is Ding, and its Direct Officer is Xin; Ding overcomes Xin.

Representing wisdom, reputation, and academic achievements, the Harming Officer indicates a venting of excess energy, preventing stagnation. If considered favorable, it signifies wisdom, reputation, and good academic performance. Conversely, if deemed unfavorable, it suggests a disparity between ambition and ability, with superficial success not necessarily translating to notable reputation or academic achievements.

In a woman’s chart, the Harming Officer represents children, while in a man’s chart, it stands for unspecified relatives.

A strong Day Master enjoys wealth, seeing the combination of harm and eat generates wealth, indicating a period of financial gain. A weak Day Master fears officials and killers; encountering the Harming Officer, which overcomes the officer, predicts disaster and illness.

For a woman’s chart, the presence of the Harming Officer alongside an officer indicates potential conflict with her husband.

Eating God, also known as the Life-Giving Star and briefly termed as “Eat,” belongs to the variable stars and occurs when the generated element shares the same Yin or Yang with the Day Master.

For Yang Day Masters: Jia encounters Bing, Bing meets Wu, Wu finds Geng, Geng encounters Ren, and Ren meets Jia. For Yin Day Masters: Yi meets Ding, Ding encounters Ji, Ji finds Xin, Xin encounters Gui, and Gui meets Yi.

The Eating God also releases the Day Master’s energy, but with the same Yin or Yang, its releasing power is not as strong as the Harming Officer’s.

The Eating God and the Harming Officer are favorable for strong Day Master charts, potentially indicating damage to reputation and chronic illness if the Day Master is weak.

The Eating God can control the Seven Killings, embodying the principle “the Eating God restrains the Killer.” With the Eating God present, the Seven Killings cannot act malevolently.

In a woman’s chart, the Eating God represents children, while in a man’s chart, it symbolizes unspecified relatives.

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