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What Is Tai Sui

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When one offends a powerful person, they often say that person is “disturbing the Tai sui.” Tai sui, clearly an unassailable term, actually encompasses complex astronomical knowledge upon closer examination.

Tai sui corresponds to the Sui Star, commonly known as Jupiter. In ancient astronomical theory, the Sui Star orbits along the ecliptic, corresponding with a different constellation in each period. It takes twenty years for the Sui Star to complete its journey through the twelve constellations. Accordingly, ancient astronomers divided the ecliptic into twelve parts, naming them Xingji, Xuanxiao, Zouzi, Jianglou, Daliang, Shizhen, Quanshou, Quanhuo, Quanwei, Shouxing, Dahu, and XiMu.

The Sui Star orbits from west to east, opposite to the familiar direction of the twelve zodiac constellations, which posed practical difficulties. Hence, the ancients hypothesized the existence of a Tai sui Star, moving in the opposite direction, thus aligning with the sequence of the zodiac. This led to the traditional Chinese method of recording years based on Tai sui’s position, forming the foundation of the twelve Earthly Branches, corresponding to the Chinese zodiac. The ancients also named these Earthly Branches differently, for instance, Tai sui in Yin is called Sheti Ge, and in Mao, it is called Dan Yan. Qu Yuan’s poem “Li Sao” mentions “Sheti Zhen at Zouzi,” indicating his birth in the Year of the Tiger.

While the Sui Star completes its cycle every twelve years, Taisui completes its cycle every ten years, marked by the Heavenly Stems. Combined with the Earthly Branches, this forms a sixty-year cycle in the Chinese calendar. The location of Tai sui each year is considered inauspicious, suggesting it is unfavorable to build houses or disturb the ground in that direction, as it could bring misfortune.

Understanding Tai sui is crucial in feng shui and Chinese astrology, as it influences various aspects of life and decision-making. By paying attention to the Tai sui of the year, individuals can make informed choices in construction, relocation, and other significant life events.

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